Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy birthday Rome!

I just got done with a day of birthday parties for Rome. April 21, 753 BC, Rome was founded. As a teacher, I see the need for having a party on occasion, but boy do I hate them. The organization, the mess and especially the food. In Junior High, the food makes the party. Luckily, the kids bring it all, but it is still difficult to be around all the yummy food and not have any. Today I managed to eat a cupcake, some cheese, bread and some sparkling grape juice ("wine"). Not too bad, but not that good either. Bread may be my downfall. I would never succeed at any low carb diet, since I love bread too much. I can (and have) given up meat, sugar, and even cheese. No way to bread. I was trying to avoid the cupcake, but ended up getting a little frosting on my finger when I was closing the box, and licked it off my finger. After that I couldn't stop thinking about eating a cupcake.

Now I'm sitting in my office surrounded by leftovers. I am full, so I will not be eating any more today, but it will still be here on Monday. I don't know about your workplace, but this is what I know about mine: food disappears in the teacher's lounge. I have put many a leftovers in there and teachers eat them without ever knowing the origin. This has saved me many calories over time. Too bad it's Friday afternoon; I'll have to wait until Monday to move the food over.

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