Friday, May 11, 2012

Sugar: My nemesis

I'm a sugar fiend.  I love most forms of it and not matter what I do, I still crave something sweet after most meals.  And yet I know it's bad for me and am doing a lot to cut down on my consumption of it.  Here are some of the ways I've done that:

1.  I have finally kicked my Mountain Dew habit.  I was drinking 2-3 cans a day.  At least.  And even knowing how bad it was for me, I still managed to drink it for years.  I had to give it up during my pregnancies because of the gestational diabetes, but somehow managed to get right back on it afterwards.  But I decided enough is enough.  I now brew iced tea every morning to bring to school.  So any time I feel the need for caffeine, I drink that instead of the Dew.

2.  I have eliminated some hidden sugars from my diet.  For example, I have switched peanut butter brands, to one that doesn't have any added sweeteners.  I recently had peanut butter at my parents' house and I didn't really like the Jif brand I had grown up on.  I also slowly weaned myself off of sweetened yogurt.  I started by mixing sweetened with plain, then switched to plain with a little honey.  Now I can eat plain yogurt with some berries and no sweetener at all.

3.  I am currently in the middle of a sugar fast.  I am avoiding all added sugars, which especially includes desserts, for two weeks.  Last week I ate horribly, thanks to a party, a field trip and stress (I'm a stress-eater).  I decided to make up for it by avoiding sugar for a bit.  I'm not doing a hard-core fast, which would eliminate all sugars, even things like ketchup.  I just am not adding it to anything I eat, and I'm not eating ice cream, cookies, bars, and all that yumminess. I've been in a couple tough spots, but have successfully pulled through.  One more week!

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